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End to End Services - Architecture, Interiors & Engineering

VJAI offers the complete spectrum of services that helps deliver truly innovative designs and marvels in architecture and engineering.

Architectural Design

Best-in-industry Architectural Design and consultancy which ensures quality, safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of the project.

Master Planning

We provide an in-depth Master Plan that provides a dynamic, long-term roadmap for future growth and development of any project.

MEP Design

Our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design expertise integrates seamlessly. This helps in efficient planning and execution of projects

Environment & Social Impact Analysis

Our deep knowledge and skills help identify and reduce the environmental, social impact to ensure sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient projects

Facade Design

Our expertise in bold, exciting facade designs enhances a project's reputation from becoming a landmark to a higher real-estate value

Low Voltage System Design

Highly efficient LVS Design ensures smooth installation, maintenance and future growth

Geo-Technical Survey

The sub-surface survey, evaluation, and recommendations for scope of work, regulations, standards, and practices

Landscape Design

We have created stunningly beautiful, efficient, green, and ergonomic landscapes - fresh, peaceful and soothing which contribute to well-being

Interior Design

Our Interior Design expertise have resulted in pleasing aesthetics, optimal use of space and highly ergonomic designs

Structural Design

Our practice and expertise in this field ensure enduring and safe architectural marvels. Detailed analysis of stability, strength and rigidity of structures.

Feasibility Study & Due Diligence

We provide this extremely important service that is critical to any project. We identify environmental, legal political, and financial risks and a plan to mitigate these

Project Management

Our well-established, detailed processes ensure smooth, efficient Project Management. 

This has ensured that every project of ours have been executed flawlessly.

Fire & Safety Design

We ensure the best and the most efficient planning, implementation, and design of fire, health, and safety parameters.

Design & Build

Our zealous focus on innovation and construction best practices ensure safe, enduring and environmental friendly structures

Sustainabale Design Consultancy

All our projects focus on long-term sustainablility and minimising impact on natural resources.

About VJAI

At VJAI, we are committed to a world that is based on sustainable development. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge, world-class architectural, interiors, and engineering solutions to our customers that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Our Partners

VJAI partners and collaborates with global organizations which share the same deep-rooted convictions of synergistic sustainable development.