Discover - Research & Analysis

We lay a lot of emphasis on survey and site analysis. At this stage, we examine in details market dynamics, trends and best practices

Define & Develop

At this stage we define in great details the project requirements, customer's expectations and a detailed plan taking into considerations of technology, environment and legal

Design - Bring to life

At this stage of the process, we work on the design processes to give the project a visual expression, make models and prototypes and work on the best solutions feasible for the project

Deliver - Implementation & Execution

At this stage of the project, we have the detailed design, implementation, construction, delivery and installation, and, lastly, project handover.

Project Management and Planning

Innovative Process Guidelines
That deliver spectacular results

We have developed cutting-edge processes that help deliver better results - faster, cheaper, and more enduring.

Our processes are key to our successes. Driving various elements in complex projects in a smooth, efficient manner ensures lower costs and faster deliveries. And, of course, industry-leading quality.

About VJAI

At VJAI, we are committed to a world that is based on sustainable development. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge, world-class architectural, interiors, and engineering solutions to our customers that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Global Addresses


110, J1-Sram Siddhivinayak,
Off Lodha-New Cuffe Parade,
Wadala Truck Terminal,
Wadala (E), Mumbai -400037


Stenbacken 3, 41672


Unit No: 3212
DMCC Business Centre Level No 1
Jewellery & Gemplex 3 Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Our Partners

VJAI partners and collaborates with global organizations which share the same deep-rooted convictions of synergistic sustainable development.